​​Shelly Dubow

CALL: 720-504-5352

As CEO of Medialine-Interactive, Shelly also serves as Senior Marketing Consultant for MobileData360, LLC, a California based Mobile marketing firm. As Co-author of the #1 best selling Amazon book "Rise Above The Cloud With Digital Marketing", he created a series of  training videos focusing on how to create compelling marketing videos for small businesses. In addition to writing extensive material on the subject, he created "Internet Marketing Unleashed", an intensive 13 week home-study course, available through MobileData360, that can help aspiring entrepreneurs build an effective and profitable Internet marketing business from the ground up. 

Throughout his career, Shelly has served as President, Chairman, Director and/or CEO of both public and private companies, which were diversified in a number of fields, including finance, securities arbitration, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and e-commerce.

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